Obama Wants Administration to Become More Efficient

US President Barrack Obama has ordered federal agencies to save nearly $3 billion by selling properties that are unused and to merge operations to improve efficiency. He wants that the federal agencies should improve their working style and take measures that help cut wastage and increase efficiency and lead to improvement in the working process.

Besides taking these steps, the President also wants his staff to adopt environment friendly initiatives and help save energy by adopting these steps. He has also instructed the staff in White House to follow these measures.

Obama pointed out that a lot of taxpayer money and resources are being wasted in maintaining excess assets which are not required. He pointed that improving efficiency and being more sensitive for environment is very important to save money and resources. It is hoped that these measures will help the administration save nearly $3 billion by the year 2012.

A report has confirmed that the federal Government has nearly 1.2 million buildings across the country. It has been pointed out that almost 14,000 of these properties are excess and nearly 55,000 of these buildings are not utilized properly.

Many of these properties will be sold and the remaining will be utilized in a more efficient manner after the President’s directives.

Pentagon was also ordered to take steps which will help it save almost $5 billion by the year 2012.