Scotland Police Cautions Regarding New Drug NRG-1

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) said that NRG-1 or Energy-1 is becoming extensive throughout Scotland, with the drugs advertised as legal products through UK websites and expert stores.

Police thinks that the drug probably has hazardous side effects, and samples have been discovered to include Class B drugs, largely a substance dubbed Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV).

They said that anybody seized with these drugs can experience imprisonment, if forbidden compounds are found to be included.

The caution arrives as a large number of people aim for the annual Rockness music festival near Inverness that runs from Friday through Monday.

NRG-1 is one of 24 novel psychoactive substances that police officials have discovered in recent months.

Some websites affirm that it has a substance known as Napthylpyrovalerone, also called Naphyrone, which is not a forbidden element.

The consequences of NRG-1 defined by these websites are that it is stimulant-like. Some websites mention it as ‘the next meow meow’, an indication to the recently-prohibited mephedrone.

However, police say that abusers are accounting having tremendous anxiety and hospitals are witnessing a number of hospitalisations where people have needed treatment after taking the substance.

Detective Superintendent, Willie MacColl said, "It is important that people understand the risks associated with such substances which are prepared and packaged in an unregulated manner. What the label says does not always reflect what is in the contents”.