Baker Reduces Corporate Taxes

Republican Charles Baker unraveled a plan to decrease business taxes in Massachusetts. The plan was introduced on Thursday. According Mr. Baker, the plan will be instrumental in generating jobs in the State.

Mr. Baker gave a speech at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. In his address, he revealed that the tax rate will be brought down from 8.75% to 5%. However, the tax cuts will only be applicable to some corporations. The tax deduction will be spanned over years.

Mr. Baker also expressed his desire to extend the working weeks of an employee from present 15 to 20 if he wants to get insurance for unemployment.

According to Baker’s supporters, the plan would require the State to shell out around $175 million every year in tax returns.

Previously, Baker had occupied the post of Weld Government’s Chief Budget Officer. He was also the President of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Baker further added that people consider the State as a tough place to manage their business. Therefore, it is required that the administration should take some steps to improve its reputation.

Baker was put in a tough position by Chamber President Paul Guzzi when he inquired him about Republican’s negative campaign against Timothy Cahill, an independent candidate.