Volunteers Get Trained to Save Seabirds from Getting Entangled

The co-creator of Australian Seabird Rescue, Marny Bonner said that a lot of pelicans were by mistake tangled or trapped by unfocused set lines at any one time.

Ms. Bonner, who has been saving pelicans and teaching volunteers across Australia for 17 years, made the assertion at a recent seabird rescue practicum in Mandurah.

She assisted in training over 30 people who journeyed from as far-off as Busselton and Joondalup.

Ms. Bonner said that it was great to reunite with some of the present volunteers and to meet several people who are eager to go out and lend a helping hand.

She said that coalesced with school vacations and augmented domestic sightseeing and leisure fishing, the outcome is muddled, hooked pelicans all over the place.

She said damages to pelicans from clips and fishing line might result in diverging levels of contagion, gangrene and loss of limbs.

In worst cases, total infection can cause a sluggish, agonizing death.

Ms. Bonner said, “If hundreds of pelicans were affected by an oil spill, as is currently happening in the USA, we’d be inundated with offers of assistance, but the problem of pelicans suffering injuries is often sadly neglected”.

She added that this adored symbol of coastal Australia requires aid, in all places, all the time.