Red’s the Color: Hospital Alerts Women of Heart Disease

Thursday saw staff, patients and visitors, all dressed in red at Campbetltown Hospital.

The hospitals lend out support to the Heart Foundation's yearly Go Red for Women campaign, which encourages wearing red, in order to raise awareness of female heart disease.

Director of Cardiology, Dr. Rohan Rajaratnam, said that the campaign was able to highlight the fact that heart disease was the leading killer in Australian women.

He said that as a matter of fact, heart disease kills four times as many women in the nation as breast cancer, that is, no less than 11,000 women each year.

But the most recent research is of the view that awareness of this reality is meager, with just one in five women having knowledge of heart disease, which is responsible for the maximum number of deaths.

Researchers also clearly said that women are not informed appropriately regarding heart disease, since they consider that it happens only to women that have turned old and that the signs of the disease are easy to identify, which actually is not the real case.

Dr. Rajaratnam said that women could possibly lessen the risk of heart disease by judiciously maintaining a healthy weight, eating nutritious and balanced diet, not smoking and indulge in some kind of physical activity, such as exercise or yoga.