What is the Limit for Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga’s latest image trip ‘Alejandro’ is a remarkable production. Lady Gaga has always been famous for costumes in her videos. Her visuals have always been a topic of discussion. Approximately 5 million viewers have given their opinions about the new video on YouTube.

MTV recently conducted its poll in New York City. In its poll, MTV looked for the people’s opinion about Lady Gaga and especially about her latest video ‘Alejandro’. The latest video is of eight minutes and as always, it has a provocative element added in it.

In her new video, Lady Gaga has worn a nun’s costume and is having sex. This visual has resulted in a controversy, and most of the viewers are finding it as crossing the boundaries. People across the City in MTV poll says that though they expect anything of this type from Gaga, this act of her is certainly something shocking.

The video has been termed as ‘Uniquely Gaga’ by some of the viewers; however, they have dubbed it to be intense as well. According to a few, Gaga can do anything, so there are no limits for her.

Gaga has always been noticed for her such videos, including ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Telephone video with Beyonce’. Keeping all those previous videos in mind, she has really raised her limits.