Heart Attacks Reduce in England Due to Ban on Smoking

A new study has revealed that the rate of hospitalization due to heart attacks has reduced remarkably in England in the last one year following the imposition of the ban on smoking.

Although the rate has not improved much in a couple of other regions, yet the reduction reported in England has helped the NHS save about £8m on healthcare spending.

The researchers said that even though the improvement is meager, it has brought a number of advantages with it.

The study examined the number of hospitalizations reported in the England healthcare centers between 2002 and 2009. The report has appeared in the British Medical Journal.

Another research conducted by the London Health Observatory for determining the costs saved as a result of the reduction in the number of hospital admissions found that the NHS will save at least £8.4m every year if the ban on smoking persists.

The ban has been imposed in Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well.

The study identified the parameters which enhance the likelihood of the occurrence of a heart attack.

"Given the large number of heart attack attacks in this country each year, even a relatively small reduction has important public health benefits”, said Dr. Gilmore.