NHS Ordered to Stop Funding New Breast Cancer Drug

The UK’s medicines regulatory union has advised the National Health Service to stop reimbursing money for a new breast cancer drug.

This decision is set to trigger a new argument related to access to innovative treatments since the Government wishes to bring slashes in its spending trend.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said the self-effacing development that was seen in women treated with GlaxoSmithKline’s oral lapatinib did not give good reason for the costs that come along with it.

GSK said it was possible to plea against the verdict and demand funding for the drug from the £200m, $291m, yearly cancer medicines top-up finance promised by the Conservatives in advance to the election to cover drugs that have not been authorized by Nice.

Its act will spark a novice inspection episode of Nice, and could strengthen the potential conflicts of interest if Sir Christopher Gent, GSK’s Chairman, is chosen by the Government as a consultant on competence measures.

Sir Andrew Dillon, Nice’s Chief Executive, said that the firm is not really happy since it does not have the authority to advice lapatinib, but proof is of the suggestion that it only extends life by a fraction of time and on the other hand comes at a high cost.