Governor Ritter Annoys Colorado Union Workers

The Union workers are once again fuming because of Gov. Bill Ritter. The reason for their anger is that the Governor vetoed for a bill which could have possibly done away with Colorado's pay-for-performance program.

The Governor approved of the fact that state personnel system is wrecked. But, he said that it would be very expensive to have a new system based on increase in the annual rates. The Union responded to the Governor with alacrity, saying that the Governor has let down taxpayers and working families.

Pattie Johnston, President of the Colorado WINS, revealed that the Governor was unsuccessful in establishing good business principles in order to give the best service to the people of Colorado.

Another such incidence was reported in 2007 when Ritter vetoed the bill that could have eased the formation of closed shops. Earlier, he was in favor of the bill, but when it failed to pass through the legislature, he opposed it.

Ritter will issue an administrative order on Monday. This order will help his Cabinet in formulating a plan to counter salary progression problems of state employees.

Ritter said that he was aware of union's annoyance, but according to him the state requires flexibility so that it can stabilize the budget.