Premature Babies are Prone to Health Difficulties

A recent research has found that toddlers who take birth at least one week ahead of the expected date are at high risk of developing health troubles like autism and deafness.

The study examined as many as 1,000 school going children. They observed that kids who were born after 39 weeks of the mother's pregnancy required additional explanations in their classrooms, in contrast to those born after 40 weeks who followed the studies easily.

The study also claimed that those women who undergo caesarean deliveries at 39 weeks are likely to have their children suffering health risks.

Obstetricians told that these findings have highlighted the need of paying extra attention towards the delivery procedures.

The study results have triggered a number of other studies on the cause of premature births and on the possible measures of avoiding such deliveries.

Jill Pell, a Professor of public health, studied the connection between the data yielded from the schools and birth hospitals of nearly 400,000 children.

Of those 400,000 children, about 18,000 have been identified as those who require additional teaching classes. These children are feared to be at risk of lacking in learning abilities, autism, dyslexia, poor vision, etc.