Internet Addicts from China Flee Boot Camp Regime Designed to De-Addict Them

Fourteen young addicts could manage to trick their guard and flee from a boot camp regime of physical training and psychological treatment that had been designed in such a way so as to cure their addiction to the Internet.

The group, which was aged 15 to 22, staged their mass run-off by grabbing a duty manager while he was asleep in his bed and immobilizing him in his quilt.

He made loud calls for help and they apologized to him before tying him up. Thereafter, they ran away in groups of three to the home town of the leader of the group.

The addicts made their fleeing act from the Huai’an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre situated in eastern Jiangsu province last Wednesday, arguing that they could no longer tolerate its droning work and rigorous training.

It is the most recent instance that came to light, which also informed about the violent techniques that the camp employed in order to wean young off the Internet.

A 15-year-old boy was beaten such brutally that he could not endure it and passed away after he was admitted to the camp.

Instructors had been sentenced up to ten years of jail for that instance.