Panel Advises FDA to Focus on Food Security

A panel on health advisory in US has suggested the Food and Drug Administration to consider a change in its conventions in order to tame sickness by improving the provisions and goods which have the tendency to cause side effects in people.

The panel said that the agency mostly remains underactive towards a majority of the epidemics. It lacks in a defined approach towards monitoring such problems. If it plans something, it fails in following it efficiently.

The analysis has been presented via a report compiled by the Institute of Medicine, which is the healthcare wing of the National Academies.

Study author Dr. Robert Wallace, from the University of Iowa's College of Public Health, said that FDA needs to incorporate a hands-on approach so that it can control the situation in advance, rather than acknowledging it once it gains ground.

This approach should include the dissemination of food security data to the state, local and the federal agencies, he added.

"You want to put your limited resources where they'll do the most good, and you can't do that unless you can look at the food safety system as a whole", said co-author Barbara Kowalcyk.

The report reiterated that the FDA must pay as much attention towards security as it does towards the implementation of regulations.