Study Findings: Kids Nurtured in Lesbian Households Are Psychologically Well Adjusted

An almost 25 year old study came to a conclusion that kids that are brought up in lesbian households are psychologically stable and have lesser behavioral troubles than their age mates.

The study, which has been published on Monday in the journal Pediatrics, followed 78 lesbian couples who could conceive with the help of sperm donations and evaluated their children's well-being through a succession of questionnaires and interviews.

Financial support for the research came from a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy associations, for example the Gill Foundation and the Lesbian Health Fund from the Gay Lesbian Medical Association.

Dr. Nanette Gartrell, the author of the study, wrote that the backing sources played no role in the plan or conduct of the reading.

Gay parenting continues to remain a very controversial issue, where discussions regarding the kids’ psychological adjustment or stability, their parents’ sexual course and adoption limitations.

Wendy Wright, President of the Concerned Women for America, a cluster that works in support of biblical values, questioned the authenticity of the findings from a study that had financially been supported by gay advocacy groups.

The replies were coded into a computer and then assesssed. This data was contrasted with data from kids of non-lesbian families.