Canadian Study: Daughters Caring For Parents Recovering from Stroke, More Prone to Depression

A new Study by the Canadian Stroke Network is of the opinion that daughters that are involved in taking care of their parents that are in phase of recovering from stroke tend to be more prone to depression.

Marina Bastawrous, a Masters candidate at the University of Toronto said that taking care of a parent can bring out family strengths and family weakness as well.

Adult kids can at times give parents very good care when a senior has experienced stroke.

That care is usually dedicated by the preceding relationship the individual had with parents.

The study, as well established that close and secure relationships tend to reveal improved mental health and greater satisfaction for the adult child caretakers.

Since, daughters have been known to place more importance towards dedicating themselves to the care of their parents; the study found that they are more prone towards getting affected with depression if the relationship with their parents was not good.

If the relationship between a parent and adult daughter is already under strain, a chance of stroke in those daughters increases and can even become worse.

Study co-author, Dr. Jill Cameron said that adult kids of stroke patients are the forgotten posterity. Whilst sixty-two percent of stroke caretakers are the adult kids, most stroke care schemes are designed for partners.