12 Million Shrek Glasses Recalled by McDonald

McDonald is in action of recalling 132 million drinking glasses that feature characters from the movie Shrek series, since the paint that has been used on the glasses featuring characters contains cadmium, which can be very dangerous for health.

The fast-food corporation made an announcement regarding the Shrek glass recall on Friday in juxtaposition with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The 16-ounce glasses had been sold for $2 each at McDonald's locations throughout the nation in the months of May and June, in order to promote the new movie ‘Shrek Forever After 3D.’

Every glass features one of the four painted designs. Customers are recommended to keep the glasses away from young kids and to return them to McDonald's, as well as get a refund.

The maker of the products is ARC International, which is based in Millville, N.J.

Although no injuries have been reported so far and the cadmium level is also low in the glasses, however, long term exposure to the metal can possibly have adverse effects upon health and can also cause kidney damage as well as in bones.

CPSC has stated that the agency is trying its best to take control of the matter and is establishing highly protective levels of the chemical.