Dell Streak on O2 UK

The Android-powered Dell Streak made it UK debut on Friday exclusively through mobile phone operator O2.

The 5-inch screen of the device, which is seen as a cross between a smartphone and a tablet computer, makes it handy for browsing websites.

It features a 5megapixel camera, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Bluetooth, built-in WiFi and 3G. It also features 2GB of internal storage that can be increased to 32GB with the help of a microSD card and support to social media such as Twitter.

The 16GB Streak will be available for free for £35 per month on a 24-month contract. This contract will offer 600 minutes, unlimited data, texts and ten hours of voice calls. Shorter 18-month contract will cost £40 per month.

Shoppers can also grab the two versions of the Streak on a Simplicity tariff for £349 and £399. Those who want to purchase SIM free Streak can have it from retailer Carphone Warehouse for £429.

In addition, O2 will proffer an in-contract upgrade on the device, most probably for 16GB model, for as little as £299.

Dell has also created the Dell Streak HDMI dock, which allows users to position the Streak in the dock and push content easily to TV.