Consumers sue Toyota over unintentional acceleration of vehicles

More than 1,000 Toyota and Lexus owners have complained since 2001 that their vehicles suddenly accelerated on their own, in several cases causing accidents.

Customers sued Toyota, claiming that a number of fatal crashes were occurred due to unintended acceleration.

Plaintiff's lawyer David Wright said that over 2,000 complaints have been determined from litigation and consumer-reported complaints to Toyota.

David Wright claimed that unintentional acceleration incidents had resulted in 16 deaths plus 243 injuries.

Speaking on the topic, David Wright further added, "Until the company acknowledges the real problem and fixes it, we worry that other preventable injuries and deaths will occur."

Only previous month, Toyota started recalling around 3.8 million vehicles including Lexus, Camry sedans and Prius hybrids to remove floor mats from the vehicles.

Toyota said floor mats sometimes jammed accelerator pedal, causing unintentional acceleration.