Temasek Pledges $70m for Healthcare, Special Needs

Temasek Cares Chairman Richard Magnus said on Friday that the company will give a $ 70 million boost to the healthcare and special needs sectors. Temasek Cares is an institute of Public Character that supports the community in Singapore. It is a unit of Temasek Holdings.

The Company will roll out its programs for developing trained manpower next year. Besides, it will also look for options to improve the education awards. In order to make the programs a success, Temasek needs 25 physiotherapists and occupational therapists. It will also require a minimum of 20 early-intervention teachers annually.

The programs would make the chronically ill people to stay with their families, rather than in hospitals.

The early-intervention will help 90% of children to deal with their intellectual and developmental challenges. Temasek Cares donated $1.7 million last year to five different programs run by voluntary welfare organizations. Out of this, $1.7 million or 64% was given to programs for mentally ill people and 31% went for the youth and children programs. The rest 5% was donated to the Temasek Cares Bursary Award. The Award goes to the students of the institutes of education.

The programs supported by Temasek Cares would benefit 1,200 people in all.