Number of Patients Infected from Whooping Cough Comparatively More This Year

It has been alarmed by the Californian health officials that the whooping cough is gradually gripping more and more number of people. Reports claim that the number of infected people in San Diego County alone was 77 as against the number in 2009 at this point was 30.

Whooping cough, generally known as pertussis is a highly communicable bacterial infection. The disease mainly affects the respiratory system, especially in infants. The infection occurs by contact with the respiratory droplets and indoor face-to-face contact from an infected person.

For shielding kids from this infectious disease, by the time they are about to enter the school, they are given five doses of the pertussis vaccine. The vaccine however, has not yet been proved to be fully effective.

This has been proved after three local children recently diagnosed, were found to be fully immunized.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, San Diego County's Deputy Public Health Officer said that it has been found that people vaccinated for the infection, if get infected with pertussis, have milder symptoms.

Sidelinger added that infants are particularly defenseless to whooping cough.

Also, Karen Cain, Public Health Officer with the Rock County Health Department, informed that today Pertussis was positively diagnosed in Middle School student in Edgerton following which health department is taking the required steps to restrict the spread of the disease.