Rain Respite for ‘Relay for Life’ Participants

Friday night's rain brought the much needed relief at an emotional affair in Roanoke.

No less than 2,000 people had participated in Roanoke's Relay for Life which has returned to the Old Victory Stadium site for the foremost time in almost five years.

The event is all about raising funds, paying respect to survivors and this year particularly, a new prominence has been placed upon preventing cancer in the approaching time.

The event night started with the survivors walk.

Over five hundred walked hand in hand, in order to celebrate the reality that they have been the lucky ones to be alive.

Survivor, Greg Kuetemeier, while trying to hold back his tears said that, he being there is alright but what was more for him than that was to be strong to live that dreadful time, when he had been struggling with the disease.

All the survivors desired to be there and take part in the event since they wanted to show the others, who were struggling with the disease that it has still not ended and they not alone.

Everyone keeps and needs to keep that positivity so that the fight with the condition becomes easy.

The focus of this year's theme is prevention of cancer.

It is being done through a new Cancer Prevention Study, and this is why it is necessary to provide the respective researchers with all that is necessary to get success in developing therapy for the disease.