Scientists discover clues of life on Titan

Scientists have discovered life on Saturn’s methane-rich moon Titan, which has no liquid water on its surface.

Scientists are of the view that primitive aliens could exist in the lakes of liquid methane on Titan. They said they found clues that exotic life-forms are breathing in Titan's atmosphere and feeding on organic chemicals such as methane.

Life on earth is water based, but life on Titan is expected to be methane-based as it is too cold to support liquid water on surface and scientists have already discovered lakes of liquid methane on the moon.

Commenting on the topic, The Open University's Professor John Zarnecki said, “We believe the chemistry is there for life to form. It just needs heat and warmth.”

Scientists said lack of hydrogen near the surface of the Titan hints that it is being consumed by something there. Lack of acetylene on the surface also suggests that something is consuming it as food.

The finding published in journal Icarus and journal Geophysical. Research