Apple’s iPad too expensive to buy: survey

More than a third Brits said they would not purchase Apple’s so-called revolutionary product iPad due to its high price, a survey conducted by V3. co. uk claims.

A survey of V3. co. uk readers revealed that 39 per cent of respondents are not ready to buy iPad as it is 'too expensive'. The cheapest iPad costs $499. Around 25 per cent of the respondents simply said they do not require a tablet computer.

Seventeen per cent said they will wait until other firms launch their tablets.

Just seven per cent were found saying that they had pre-ordered iPad, while only six per cent were planning to purchase the much-hyped product.

However, Apple claimed that it sold more than two million units of iPad since its US launch on April 3. Apple’s iPad hit nine international markets, including Canada, Australia, Italy and the UK, on May 28. Additional countries will get the device later this year.

The 9.7-inch device allows its users to view movies, surf the web, play games and read digital books.