Scientists Hoping Blaeberries Can Help Treatment of Diabetes

It has been reported that the Aberdeen scientists are seeking to discover whether the extract of one of Scotland's most popular wild fruits, Blaeberry, could be used to combat diabetes.

The disease, which has affected more than 220,000 people in Scotland, develops when the body either does not produce enough insulin or the insulin that is produced fails to work properly, reports The Scotsman.

The scientists in their study will explore the possibility of using a concentrated capsule form of the blaeberry to find a cure for diabetes. They will use overweight male volunteers aged 40 to 70 to examine whether taking a capsule form of the fruit improves symptoms in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Lead researcher Dr Nigel Hoggard, from Aberdeen University’s Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health, said: "The exact link between Type 2 diabetes and obesity has never been pinpointed. We think the answer to their connection lies in fat tissue. When fat increases, this is associated with a low grade inflammation, and the release of a number of hormones into the blood”.

The researchers also said that blueberries naturally very high in a chemical substance called ‘polyphenols’. It can reduce the inflammation which occurs when fat increases.

Volunteers will be asked to take a concentrated form of the berry as a capsule three times daily.