Blacksmith Recalls 100,000 Bottles of PediaCare

Blacksmith Brands Inc. recalled more than 100,000 bottles of PediaCare products after U. S. Food and Drug Administration recommended them to do so, because the products were manufactured at McNeil's Fort Washington plant.

PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold, PediaCare Long Acting Cough, PediaCare Decongestant and PediaCare Allergy and Cold children's medicines have been recalled by the brand.

It has been reported that last November, PediaCare Blacksmith Brands purchased PediaCare and many other consumer product lines from Johnson & Johnson.

Blacksmith Brands earlier planned to transfer manufacturing of PediaCare along with other products to its own factories this July. But, it has been revealed that PediaCare products were still being manufactured at the McNeil plant.

It has been recommended by FDA that parents, who are presently using these products, must stop using them.

The McNeil plant has also been making Children's Tylenol, Motrin and some other children's medicines. All these products were recalled on April 30.

The Brand, however, cited that there have been no complaints about the products till now, but for being cautious and under the consultation of FDA, the Brand is opting for the recall.

The Blacksmith Brand has been directed by House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to provide more information on the recall of the products.