Avandia-Metformin Combination Effective Against Type 2 Diabetes

According to a latest study, a low dose combination therapy involving GlaxoSmithKline PLC's Avandia and anti-diabetic treatment metformin can reduce the onset of type 2 diabetes in patients.

The study appearing in journal The Lancet, found that both Avandia and metformin function differently.

Avandia, also called rosiglitazone, elevates the sensitivity of insulin and metformin reduces the production of glucose.

Both the drugs prove effective in reducing the development of diabetes in patients suffering shortage of glucose in their bodies.

The study aims at determining whether the combinations of the two drugs with half of their maximum dosage amount will help in fighting diabetes.

It was found that the combination was highly effective in the prevention of the diseases.

"These results lend support to the notion of use of low-dose combination therapies as an effective means to manage complex metabolic disorders," concluded the team.

Since 1999, Avandia has been available in the market. It attracted numerous researchers in 2007 and a number of studies are being conducted on it, since then. In one of these studies, it was found the drug arouses
43% increase in risk of heart attacks.

A Senate report stimulated the safety controversies again earlier this year, instigating FDA to look into the matter.