Health Ministry’s Missive to Hospital Administration Called off the Strike

The hunger strike by Safdarjung doctors was called off late on Wednesday evening when the hospital administration received a letter from the health ministry, in which it was being told to resolve the matter.

The strike had led to a complete collapse of outpatient department services on Wednesday. The demands made by medical students, were accepted by the hospital in writing. The hospital further agreed that maintenance works on the college premises would be started immediately. Hundreds of patients, who had come there for treatment, were turned away. The agitated doctors blocked the entrance to the hospital.

Mudassar Khan, who lives near Badarpur border, said, "My wife is almost nine months pregnant. She had been asked by the doctor to come in for a check-up today. But because of the strike, we have now been asked to come next Wednesday. What if she needs to be admitted in between or develops a problem?"

Since all resident doctors had not joined the strike, casualty services as well as the treatment of patients in the wards went off without delay. The health ministry sent a missive to the hospital's Medical Director, Medical Superintendent, and principal in the afternoon. After that a lot of meetings were held between the students, the resident doctors along with the administrative heads. fe