AT&T to end unlimited data plan for smartphone users

AT&T, which owns exclusive rights to provide network for Apple's iPhones and iPads in the US, will not let new customers sign up for its unlimted internet data plans from June 7th.

AT&T has announced two data plans. Customers who will opt for DataPlus will get 200MB of data for $15 per month. Under the DataPlus, if a user goes crosses 200MB limit, he/she will have to pay another $15 for additional 200MB.

Heavy users will be able to opt for DataPro, which offers 2GB of data for $25 per month, but if a user goes over 2GB limit he/she will have to pay additional $10 for another 1GB of data.

AT&T faces problem of congestion on its network, especially in big cities. The move will help it ease the problem.

However, current subscribers will be able to keep enjoying their $30 per moth unlimited plans, even in case they renew their contracts.