Dangers Posed by Small Button Batteries

Small button batteries can pose risk for small children, especially when they inject button batteries. The button-type batteries are used in items such as vibrating teethers and musical touch-and-learn baby books. Research reveals that button batteries are small round batteries that are no larger than the average adult thumbnail.

According to Web MD, they can be used in hearing aids, watches and calculators, and musical and voice greeting cards, in addition to many, many children’s toys and products.

Neither the parents nor the physicians really understand the potential and major issues pertaining to these ubiquitous “tiny” batteries which can present serious dangers to children.

Battery burns that cause significant harm, even death. According to an NY blog, about 10 documented fatalities were recorded which revealed that the number of deaths may be small but the problem is relatively frequent. Small children perceive them candy and elder people mistake them for drugs.

As per the blog, the chemical reactions that are caused can damage children’s vocal cords in addition to gastrointestinal tract damage requiring feeding tube insertion and surgeries.

Dr. Toby Litovitz, Director and lead author of both articles in Pediatrics shared that the injuries are very serious. He said, “Industry has shifted to this battery, and it has very popular appeal. There are a lot of reasons why we want to use this battery, but the problem is we’ve got to use it in a safer way”.