13th Baby for Retired Welder

Even after becoming the oldest person in Britain to have twins, 72-year-old Richard Roden and his wife Lisa were still looking forward to more children. It was confirmed yesterday that their twins Ruby and Emily will have company.

Mrs. Roden got pregnant within a few weeks of trying for a new baby. The new child will be the 13th child for Richard Roden. Richard has been married three times and was very happy with the news of his wife's pregnancy.

All his children have been conceived without the aid of any fertility treatment. Richard is a retired welder and more than 50 years have passed since the birth of his first child.

He agreed that being a father at an old age was very difficult as compared to when he was younger. Richard pointed that he is often mistaken for being the grandfather of his twins.

Richard met Lisa while studying at an adult education college five years ago. Both of them fell in love and married last year in the month of September.

Lisa has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship but confessed that Richard is very caring and loving father. She stressed that Richard is very good with the children and despite their big age gap, he is a very understanding partner.