Smart Homes to be Available Soon

British scientists are confident that smart houses will be available in the coming years. They will be able to tell in case an elderly person has suffered a fall. Sensors in these homes will also be able to monitor the health of the people living in the house. It will also be possible to upload this information to a secure website, which in turn can be accessed by a relative or carer living remotely.

A team of British scientists has been awarded a £128,000 grant to develop special sensors and computer technology for making this type of smart home. Scientists are already trying to find ways to capture more information about the way people live in order to better understand how to develop smart homes for the future.

It will be possible in the future to keep an eye on your elderly parents while still sitting comfortably in your home. Scientists are also working with various Companies who are developing smart home technology.

The sensors will be able to differentiate if someone has just fallen over or someone who is simply taking a nap. These sensors will also be capable of activating burglar alarms and turn off heating and cooling in rooms where no one is present.

Experts feel that these homes will be increasingly required in the coming times as the number of elderly people is increasing.