Survey Findings: Talk Therapy As Efficient as Antidepressants

As per a new survey, antidepressants are usually prescribed for treating both anxiety and depression however talk therapy seems to be equally efficient as the medications.

Individuals that take medicines and also get therapy seem to be improving in a faster and better way.

Almost 80% of survey volunteers with depression or anxiety reported that they use antidepressants, says Nancy Metcalf, Senior Program Editor at Consumer Reports Health, which will publish the findings of its third mental health survey of its readers in the July issue.

Whilst medication worked, so did the talk therapy. What researchers found is if you can get yourself to talk therapy and if you continue with the practice for no less than seven weeks, you are going to see better results as good as you would if you took medicine.

The survey, carried out in the year 2009, comprises of data from more than 1,500 repliers that had taken professional help to treat depression, anxiety, or another mental health trouble between January 2006 and April

Around 16% of U. S. adults have suffered from depression at some point in their lifetime, according to a 2006 CDC survey, and around 11% are told by a health care professional that they suffer from anxiety.

In the survey, those individuals that took medications found that some drugs produced fewer aftereffects than other types.