Relay For Life Fears Low Participation This Year

Labrador West has been known for the past six years to contribute tremendously for the success of Relay for Life.

It is reported that the Canadian Cancer Society last year attracted about 45 teams from both the Lab's and netted a little over $155,000.

As per the sources, the organisers for Relay for Life are perplexed, just a couple of weeks away from this year's Relay (June 12).

The reason for their confusion and concern is the low registration for the event as they fight to understand the reasons that have been discouraging the teams.

Voicing her concern, Steering Committee Chair Thelma Ricketts said, "We have sent out emails to all [past participating] teams, but so far there are only 11 teams from Labrador West registered and seven teams from Fermont. We are not getting people onboard for teams for some reason. We have a wonderful steering committee in place but normally, we would have at least 30 or more onboard by this time".

She further states that she did not know what the problem was as no explanation has been given to her directly.

She adds that as per the rumor mills, people are unhappy as 50% of the money raised in the Relay goes to the administration and no benefits or privileges are extended for Labrador.

Another reason that is attributed to the low numbers is that majority of the people feel that the money raised should stay in Labrador West only.

Countering the reasons, Ricketts said that approximately 70% of the monies raised goes into research and the funds that are raised help the people of Labrador West, despite the fact that the money does not stay in the area.