Pomona Barbershop Owner Held With Marijuana

A 39-year-old owner of a barbershop in Pomona has been put behind the bars after the seizure of 35 grams of marijuana from his vehicle. Police said Marlon Singleton was arrested on Sunday on the suspicion of possessing drugs for sale.

According to information, the action by the officers on bicycle patrol followed a tip-off regarding drug activity in the area. On reaching the spot, the officers got a whiff of marijuana smell wafting from an alley behind the Groom Time barber shop.

When they tracked the source of the smell, they found Singleton seated in his car (from where the smell emanated), a 1993 Buick Le Sabre. The latter’s questioning subsequently led to the seizure of 35 grams of marijuana, which was packaged for sale.

Sgt. Chuck Becker of the Pomona Police Department said they had earlier heard tales of possible marijuana sales at the shop. He said Singleton, hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, was held on the suspicion of possession of the drug with an intent to sell and held in lieu of $50,000 bail. The police found out that the accused was offering trims, shaves and prepackaged bags of marijuana from his shop.