Drinking Fountains Drying Up

A new survey has found that drinking fountains in public parks are drying up across UK. It revealed that only 11% of the green spaces now provide water fountains. The study found that from all the fountains, only two-thirds functioned and only eight out of the 140 parks across the country that were surveyed had all the fountains working.

The survey was undertaken by the Children's Food Campaign. It works to improve and find new ways to improve children's health across the country. It pointed out that lack of water forces the children to go without water or encourage them to drink fizzy drinks.

A health expert from British Medical Association pointed out that children were more vulnerable to dehydration. It was stressed that it is very essential that children have access to free and safe drinking water in schools and public parks across the country.

Experts feel that drinking sugary drinks can pose various problems like obesity and poor dental health in the children. They also maintain that children develop a habit and get addicted to these drinks which are harmful for their health.

Others pointed out that it was very sad that few parks had drinking fountains and out of them very few were actually working.

In the survey, 139 parks from across the country were surveyed. It included 127 parks in England, eight in Scotland, two in Wales and two in Northern Ireland.