Smokers Finding it Difficult to Quit Habit: Survey

An online survey has been able to illustrate that almost half of smokers have informed that they have wanted and tried to kick their habit of smoking with no help from any professional treatment, however, could not succeed.

The poll, which was jointly carried out by the media center of the Ministry of Health and the Life Times newspaper ahead of World No Tobacco Day, which was on Monday, surveyed 155,559 Internet users in the nation.

One-fifth of those surveyed said that taking medication was essential to help give up smoking, however, a mere 5% of them used such drugs. As many as 49% tried to quit smoking on their own but could not see success, the survey illustrated.

Sun Jianjun, 43, who had just been prescribed to take three months' dosage of pills used to treat nicotine addicts said that he has been gravely trying to give up smoking for the second time.

The last time when he tried giving up the practice of smoking, he had headaches every day after taking lunch and managed to carry on without puffing cigarettes for almost 40 days.

But could not resist and so took out a cigarette and started smoking, since it made him feel good and carried on smoking thereafter.