Q Radio’s loss is a though blow to DAB

The DAB-only radio station, Q Radio, gave a tough blow to DAB's future by choosing to become broadcast online and through Freeview only.

Sources suggest that high cost of slot on the national multiplex could have forced Q Radio to slip off DAB, which is yet to become a dominant listening platform. A slot on DAB cost around one million pounds per year.

Speaking on the topic, Steve King from Bauer Media said, "At this stage of its development, it has become clear that Q Radio is best served by having national coverage on Freeview and online."

The loss Q Radio has also hurt Digital Radio UK, which wants to ensure digital switchover by 2015.

Q Radio, which is reaching music fans on air, on TV, online and via monthly magazine, is one of the flourishing influential multi-platform brands in the UK.

As per Radio Joint Audience Research, the share of digital radio listening jumped by around 20 per cent over the past one year to claim 24 per cent share of the entire radio consumption.