Pregnant Women Should Take 2-3 Portions of Fish a Week: Researchers

A recent research has claimed that pregnant women will be advised to eat at least two portions of fish a week in order to avoid brain disorders in the infant.

The nutritionists who commissioned the report have claimed that the current advice on the fish intake, which disallows the pregnant women from eating fish not more than once a week, is resulting in brain disorders among the newborns.

They explained that omega-3 fatty acids called docosahexaenoic acid, which are found in fish, are important for the proper functioning of the brain. They said that the women and children are being deprived of these essential nutrients under the present set of reforms.

These researchers will approach the Food Standards Agency and the Government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition in order to convince the two bodies to modify the advice.

They claim that the pregnant women shall be eating at least three portions of fish a week. At present, the Government has prohibited the consumption of fish among pregnant women and young girls due to the presence of contaminated entities like dioxins and methyl mercury in the fish.

Professor Jack Winkler, Director of the Nutrition Policy Unit at London Metropolitan University, addressed the experts at the conference held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London last week.

"The Food Standards Agency issued advice to women and pregnant women about fish in 2004 which was ultra conservative," he said.