Britons Sleep Less Than the Suggested Eight Hours Owing to Money Concerns

According to a study, the average British adult shuts his eyes for just six hours and 21 minutes a night, nearly an hour less than two years back.

Financial concerns, work pressure and noise were the chief factors responsible for people not being able to get the suggested eight hours.

The research for Travelodge revealed that over half (54%) of UK adults confessed about not being able to focus at the place of work without a good night's sleep, with a quarter of respondents admitting to having a sneaky nap at office.

On an average, Britons are taking 51 minutes less sleep than the earlier survey explained in 2008, costing companies nearly £1 billion a year because of people availing eight million sick days as a consequence of a bad night's sleep, Travelodge said.

According to the hotel chain's Sleep Index founded on 6,000 people's bed-time routines, nearly half (47%) said that they took more time to finish their chores when sleep-deprived, whilst 56% related the feeling to an awful hangover.

The research also revealed the extent to which people go to lengthen their sleep, taking an average of 13 minutes to jump out of their bed when their alarm clock buzzes, and one in 10 respondents not brushing their teeth.