Four Year Old Indonesian Child Quits Smoking

Sandi Adi San-Toso, a four-year-old Indonesian child, who was a hardened smoker at the age of four, has kicked his smoking habit. He had developed this smoking habit when his parents left him with minders while they were employed.

He was able to quit smoking, after four months of rehabilitation in the hospital. His parents revealed that they were too busy in their jobs and neglected their son, who developed the habit of smoking at the age of three. He also started using profanity at such a tender age.

The parents, 47-year-old Mulud Riadi and 41-year-old Mujiati, shared that their son's behavior was influenced by his environment. The parents used to leave with the people who did not look after him properly. They had a constant pressure to earn more money.

The local Government sent Santoso to a rehabilitation facility to cure his addiction, after they saw the widely watched video on local television. Santoso's family was also provided a temporary place to live so that they can keep a distance from the influences that triggered smoking in their kid.

Riadi said, "The doctor in the hospital gave us advice to get out and move away from bad environment influences. Secondly, we should guard him all the time and third, we should let the hospital monitor his condition to eliminate his smoking habit".

He added that Sandi's condition is getting better, as he does not talk dirty, or smoke and does not get angry like before. It happened with just a four months treatment.