Carelessness at Hospital’s Care Facility Led to Death of 19-Month-Old

Following the death of a 19-month-old girl, Children's Hospital & Medical Center said that the death occurred because of "human error" and that the death was accidental.

It has been known that deceased named Alicia Coleman suffered a seizure and had a cardiac arrest Saturday morning. The complication started when Alicia was given medication improperly.

The child was at "respite care facility for children with complex medical needs" and the organization is run by the hospital.

Grieved mother of the Alicia, Dominique Coleman said that the toddler was born twelve weeks premature and had a gastrointestinal disorder termed as NEC. Alicia was under treatment and was improving.

Dominique told that her child combated through 15 surgeries and was admitted to hospital for a year almost. She also suffered infections like pneumonia, some liver disease also.

Dominique dropped her daughter at Children's Home Healthcare's World on Saturday Morning.

It has been known that nurse in the healthcare centre gave Alicia a drug for lessening absorption of food, via a central line to her heart while the drug was supposed to be given via her feeding tube.

However, Dominique admitted that she knows the death was not intentional, but she added that someone has to take responsibility so that what she has been through is not experience by any other family.