“Sack Tapping” Growing Among Young Boys in US, Proving Dangerous

A new game called sack tapping is gaining immense popularity among young boys which is a highly violent and dangerous game. The game involves an act where one boy hits the other in his groin.

In recent incident, a Minnesota boy reportedly injured his testicles in the game. This implies that the word "tapping" in the name of the game has nothing to do with tapping. The tap here means a punch.

Initially, the game flicking or tapping but it has grown too violent eventually. It has been given a couple of other names as well.

The boy who suffered the injury recently has been under the supervision of Dr. Scott Wheeler who is the pediatric urologist.

The doctor shared that, this year, he has reportedly treated at least three to four such cases of testicle amputation, essentially caused by this game. The game basically proceeds in a manner that one boy punches the peer in the groins.

A number of clips of the game are available on YouTube. It has been observed that the pains are being laughed at by the other peers in the game.

These YouTube videos are gaining maximum viewership. This is one the promoting factors for the game.

The recent incident has aroused a big concern among the parents and doctors at the national level in the US. The boy who has been hurt in the incident is David Gibbons, a 14 year old kid. He was hit by his classmates.