Worby Groner Lawyers Agree to Reduce Fee

The lawyers at Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern have agreed to reduce their fee for raising money for those workers who have fallen ill due to their exposure to the World Trade Center dust.

These lawyers have been representing the thousands of workers who have filed lawsuits against their immense exposure to the dust.

The attorneys have notified the U. S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein who is supervising the case that they are ready to reduce the fee at 20% or $115 million, of the $657 million settlement.

According the agreement, these lawyers were supposed to bag 33% of the settlement amount.

However, Hellerstein had refused to sign the resolution in order to block this heavy inflow of money at the lawyers' end.

"Every plaintiff here is burdened by a lawyer's fee that is hard to gauge and will take a large bite out of every settlement. I will not preside over a settlement that is based on fear or ignorance", Hellerstein said.

The lawyers stated that they have agreed to reduce the fee amount as per the insistence of the court. They added that they have been deeply disappointed due to the immense pressure being imposed upon them by the media and higher authorities.