World's Thinnest PC Announced by Dell

One of the world's top ranked and largest PC manufacturers Dell has announced the world's thinnest laptop, which will be an addition to its already existing much popular Adamo range. The latest announced PC will be a mere 9.9 mm in thickness and has been christened the Dell Adamo XPS.

Unveiled last year, the Dell Adamo range has always boasted of the thinness of its makes, with the last update only 16.4 mm thick. The latest make, however, has taken things further and will be almost half as thick as the last Adamo.

Weighing just a little under 1.44 kg, the Adamo XPS comes with a 13.4 inch HD screen, an easy latching device which opens with a single finger swipe, location awareness which is built in, a full
-size aluminum keyboard, wireless, USB and Ethernet connectivity and is equipped with the latest Windows 7 and Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Speaking about the Dell Adamo XPS, Alex Gruzen, Senior Vice President of Dell Consumer Products, noted, "Our engineers and designers are breaking new ground and throwing away the old rules with the introduction of Adamo XPS. We think the Adamo XPS will inspire an emotional connection with anyone who sees it".

Although the launch date and price for UK have yet to be confirmed, the announcement has managed to create much excitement.