Horses in Arizona Infected by a Contagious Disease

Reports confirm that the horses in Arizona have been infected by a contagious disease called the vesicular stomatitis.

As per the Arizona Department of Agriculture, the area in Cochise County, where the animals reside, has been immunized.

Experts suggest that the disease causes blister-like lesions, similar to those from foot and mouth disease. They form in the mouth and on the dental pad, tongue, lips, nostrils, hooves, and teats of the animals that get infected by the dreadful condition.

The newly formed blisters then swell and break, which leave the raw tissue extremely painful. The pain is excruciating to the extent that the infected animal refuses to eat or drink and displays signs of lameness.

The animal suffering for the disease also undergoes severe weight loss. The disease that can also infect the dairy cows, that leads to a significant drop in the milk production of the cows.

The dreadful disease not only affects horses and cows, but can also infect the swine and cattle. However, other animals can also catch the disease.

According to State Veterinarian, Dr. John Hunt the symptoms of the foot and mouth disease and the vesicular stomatitis are similar.

However, he further adds, "The only way to tell these diseases apart is through laboratory tests”.