This Materialistic World Has Bred Loneliness

According to a report from the Mental Health Foundation, the present modern market-driven society has led to an increase in isolation and solitude. People have forgotten the value of relationships. The report reveals that loneliness may be hereditary and sometimes genes are responsible for the same.

As per a study on cancer patients, the sufferers without close friends were much more likely to die than those with lots of friends around. Relationships and love are good for a person as they strengthen the immune systems and improve cardiovascular function. The report further elaborates that people, who have a lot of friends, can "reap health benefits". Internet works both ways. It isolates as well as connects us from our loved ones. On one hand it makes an individual spend lesser time with our families, on the other and it helps in establishing links to new communities.

Renata Salecl, a law professor at the London School of Economics, in her book Choice, reveals that when emotions, love and attachments to others become apparent as a matter of choice, people ever more feel insufficient and responsible when things don't work out as they had wished.

Del Loewenthal, professor of psychotherapy at Roehampton University, points out, “It's a mistake to turn loneliness into an illness. What matters are people's individual meanings”.