Child Swine Flu Vaccine Free Of Side Effects

A study was conducted by the Health Protection Agency with the Universities of Bristol, Oxford, Southampton, Exeter, and St George's in London. More than 900 children aged between 6 months and 12 years volunteered.

The study revealed that the Swine flu vaccine which was given as a trail to all these children is free of side effects and is good against the virus.

Two vaccines namely “adjuvanted” and “whole virus” was taken as a part of the study.

Researchers noticed that 98% children responded pretty well to two doses of the "adjuvanted" vaccine, which contained immunity boosting agents. And most of the children experienced only minor reactions.

While only 80% of children under threes responded to two doses of the "whole virus" vaccine.

According to the reports, both vaccines are completely safe, tendency to cause reactions and ability to induce an antibody response. Moreover, the success of the vaccine in the under-threes could now point the way for improving the immune response of young children to the annual "seasonal" flu vaccine.

Dr. Matthew Snape of the Oxford Vaccine Group at The University of Oxford said, "Most children receiving either vaccine had no more than minor reactions, and this study provides reassuring evidence that both vaccines were well tolerated and likely to provide good protection against swine flu”.