Report on Acute Deprivation in Ganne

The Hindustan Times brought to light the acute deprivation in the Uttar Pradesh village of Ganne, but Supreme Court inquiry team revealed that the area is suffering much more than it has been revealed on the paper. The report said, "A grim, catastrophic picture emerges from enquiry of commission (sic). there is a total collapse of food-security related schemes. Protruding stomach, dry, whitish hair, ashen skin, skinny children - hunger stares you in the face".

But the State Government totally refuted this assessment adding that "habit, not hunger" makes children eat mud.

The report is written by Arundhati Dhuru, an advisor to the Supreme Court, and noted economist Jean Dreze. It is an example of weakness of this country's corruption-ridden social-security systems. The nation is going to spend more than Rs 1.18 lakh crore over 2010-11. If the Government wants to deliver "inclusive growth", India's social security should be reformed, according to PM Manmohan Singh.

HT had witnessed frail, malnourished children eating lumps of mud laced with silica, because they were not classified as poor. Most people are employed in stone quarries and eat one or two daily meals of boiled rice and salt.