Kato Explains How Certain Cancers Develop

A new interaction between a cell signaling system and a specific gene that may be the cause of B-cell lymphoma has been discovered by Yoichi Kato, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, and his lab team, at Florida State University College of Medicine. This may lead to further understanding of how cancer spreads and how it can be stopped.

As per the researchers, BCL6 can slow down one of the pathways cells use to transmit signals to other cells. Kato said, "There are very few molecules that we know directly inhibit Notch signalling. So that is why the interaction, and our finding, is very interesting to people in many areas - cancer specialists, neuroscientists, and many others".

They found that the alignment of the embryo's internal organs is affected, when BCL6 inhibits the Notch signaling pathway during the early stages of embryo expansion, which can consequently cause congenital disorder.

BCL6 is a gene that, when transformed in certain ways, can lead to several types of B-cell lymphoma. Scientists may be able to better understand how these cancers form when more research is conducted and interaction between the Notch signaling pathway and the BCL6 gene is studied.