Mental Health Problems in Workplace Costing Employers Over £28 Billion - NHS Report

A recent study has revealed that most employees suffering from small or acute mental health problems, like stress and depression, continue to work despite their condition, adversely affecting their productivity, costing employers million of pounds every year.

The study was administered by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and took into consideration over 2,000 employees. Over 1 in every 4 interviewed; rated their current mental health as "poor" or "moderate". Also, around 90% employees admitted that it directly had a negative effect on their work.

Ben Willmott, senior public policy adviser at the CIPD, said, "The survey findings provide compelling evidence for why employers need to become more proactive in how they manage mental health at work. "

Almost everyone with a poor mental health continued to work, as was revealed by the survey, which hampered the company's productivity resulting in huge losses every year. Only one third of the employees interviewed said that their employers offered them any kind of support or help.