Critics Worry about the Conflict of Interest for NHS Regulator

According to the head of trusts’ watchdog, there would a conflict for the new economic regulator for the NHS as the regulator would be torn between the duty of promoting competition and overseeing the financial health of foundation trusts.

Reports suggest that under the coalition’s plans for the NHS, the creation of an independent board is being considered which would oversee the commissioning of care. Further the Care Quality Commission, which is the current inspectorate that handles the licensing of health organizations, would give the hand over to the Monitor.

According to Chairman, Steve Bundred, it is expected that the Monitor develops further and becomes a full-scale economic regulator for the NHS.

He further said that the expansion would essentially mean controlling the exit and entry to the market for NHS care through its licensing powers. Also it would entail the responsibility for setting the price the NHS pays combined with the duty to promote the competition.

Further so the Monitor would also hold the responsibility of supervising the health of foundation trusts that are self-governing organizations, but literary they are not directly answerable to the secretary of state for health.

Following the developments, there is widespread concern over the conflicting of interests for the new regulator. Critics are extremely worried about the conflict in duties that would result due to the new developments.

Mr Bundred said in an interview that, “There is the potential for conflict and that will need to be managed. There will need to be some clear separation of roles within the organization and quite a bit of thought has already been given to that within the organization”.